About Us

Thouq is a trading company located in Riyadh specialized in Arabic coffee. It aims to spread the culture of Arabic coffee in its contemporary concept that sustains its originality away from purchasing Arabic coffee tools with its lengthy preparation process by creating a distinctive taste that eases your way into enjoying the taste of Arabic coffee in its majestic flavors wherever you are.

Thouq's Journey

Thouq was patently formed to create a real, easy-to-access local coffee product easily prepared that complies with the fast-paced lifestyle while maintaining a unique serving style.

We set out in 2015 in hope for creating a fixed identity as a company specialized in Arabic coffee with competitive quality that does not interfere with its easily prepared style. Through Thouq, we aim to spread the Arabic taste of Arabic coffee globally and create a new and peculiar experience for its connoisseurs. Our goal is to elevate the status of coffee and help linking it to the real timeworn taste as an Arabic culture away from commercial products that do not express the identity of the pure originality of Arabic coffee.

Thouq's journey to invent a unique taste of Arabic coffee in the Saudi and Gulf markets lasted 11 months. In a trip to visit the top 100 farms around the world to choose the adequate coffee crops from the top ten coffee exporting countries in India, Indonesia, China, And moving to Turkey and Jordan, to Spain, Ethiopia, and South Africa.

In our journey to create "Thouq", we passed many stages in which we used the finest basic and natural raw materials free of industrial or mutant material. Our mission was to supremely elect the most tasteful cardamom, saffron, and cloves which were imported during our visit to ensure the quality, uniqueness and authentic taste of the product. That process underwent delicate tests and various experiments that helped us reach the best roasting degree with balanced flavors in a way that guarantees the ability to enjoy the same taste every time and satisfies all different tastes.

What do we do?

Due to the role coffee in its harmonious flavors and unique tastes occupies in reflecting the long-standing originality of our Saudi and Gulf communities, which have been one of its fundamental heritage and how it formed as an essential part of its culture. We have taken it upon ourselves in Thouq to deliver a specialized Arabic coffee product through which we will be able to bring back the concept of Arabic coffee to its prominent place. Along with our tireless endeavor as one of our essential ends in 'Thouq' is to meet the highest standards of quality and maintain its entrusted taste of coffee as one of the unique features of Thouq as a quick coffee product. It takes you to a taste of originality with a contemporary flavor that does not obligate its connoisseurs to go through the lengthy process of preparing, grinding, assembling of components and weighing of flavors. This is where Thauq gives them the opportunity to enjoy the true taste and the balanced flavor of Arabic coffee in no more than five minutes using their ingredients, topped with cardamom, saffron and cloves, blended with the finest roasted coffee in a carefully measured degree as one of our essential standard to reach to a distinctive taste without having to cook or reach high boiling point to prepare it.

We have been keen to introduce (Thouq) in an airtight packaging made for reserving and storing coffee to enjoy the latest cup/fengal prepared by using the steps of preparation written on the packaging to be able to access excellent coffee every time.

Thouq's Vision and Goals:

We aim to deliver our Arab taste in Arabic coffee globally and to contribute through Thouq to enter the global market to spread the roots of our habits and cultures. We are always working on maintaining and work according to these standards and to the continuation of the quality of coffee served in a methodology we commit to in Thouq to provide the best quality of Arabic coffee. In addition to that, we strive to spread the actual concept of Arabic coffee and to always apply that concept with high quality by fully adhering to the most accurate standards. Our motivation is the desire of coffee connoisseurs who are always looking to drink a real distinctive Arabic coffee in their houses or offices in a professional manner.

Why Thouq?

  • * Arabic coffee with natural ingredients and excellent taste.
  • * Needs 5 minutes to prepare and enjoy its taste.
  • * What distinguishes Thouq is being the best in keeping pace with time with its quick and easy way of preparation.
  • * Tightly Sealed containers for a lasting flavor.
  • * Secure payment via more than on bank channel.
  • * Shipping and delivery to all cities in record time.

Thouq's Ingredients:

Thouq's ingredients do not come out of the context of what we have entrusted in the authentic Arabic coffee. It does not carry any other non-natural additives. It has been carefully selected using unavailable ingredients in the local market. The components were imported from the very origins of its sources to produce a high-quality product with an authentic taste consisted of cloves mainly and mixed with cardamom and saffron in delicate measures to be blended with a deluxe coffee, which has been roasted in measured proportions to enjoy the real coffee with its majestic taste.

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